Wednesday, July 22, 2009

so much to do so little time. . . .

And this is just the month of May!! I should add that we also celebrated 6 birthdays, I filled out 56 report cards and packed up my classroom for the end of school. No wonder I was so tired.
Here is the run down:

Here we all are hanging out after Rachelle graduation from Weber High.

Rachelle and her BFF, Rissa

Rachelle got a full ride scholarchip to Southern Utah University. She is there now working for the Utah Shakesperian Festival for the summer. Yes, we do miss you already:)

Maren graduated from 6th grade and will be attending the jr high this next year. At graduation she was awarded the President's Education Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement. Way to be cute and smart too!
She is now in young womens- woohoo!

This year Christopher was awarded a certificate from the Utah State Board of Education for Outstanding Performance on the Iowa Tests in Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Total Composite. Great job, Chris!!

Some how amongst all this I flew to California with my brother Ron to attend my uncle Doug Burts funeral. It was so great to see my cousins. Some of them I have not seen in over 10 years. I had a doll that had belonged to my Aunt Marilyn when she was a little girl. During a couple of late nights I finished sewing her a new body repaired her clothes and put her all back together. I gave it to her after the funeral and she was so cute and started to cry over her "Baby Betsy" doll. She held on to it the rest of the luncheon. It was well worth a few hours of lost sleep.

Joshua and Jordan know their mom's cakes are not only beautiful but yummy too!

We also had a wedding in May. Here is Mr. and Mrs. Phil and Chelsea Vause as they step out of the Draper Temple. It was such a great day. Beth did their wedding cake, it was amazing as usual. Thanks to Beth and Arianne for helping with the luncheon we could not have pulle dit off with out you .

Chris and Maren had their end of year piano recital. Here they are with their patient and wonderful teacher Marla Bailey.

The month of May was full of the end of school-year activities. Maren's class wrote an opera and she was the star-as the baby, she saved the family that had gotten trapped inside their TV. Way to monopolize the remote!!! She does that at home too!